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Cat need friendly good home

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    Exclamation Cat need friendly good home

    Hello nihao : ) - My name Xue, sorry English not good still. Close friend I have long time have cat he need find home for. He love very much cat he have. He have it when it just little. He love very much cat he have and he cry when I tell him he not able have cat but I not want cat damage house, even though cat clean it still animal.

    You able contact friend at or text at 7864714633. He send me link so I post link so you see cat he put on craiglist.
    Place he now have fall apart because it just trash so I move in him soon. He say he want find person who love cat and work with cat so they not just give away her.

    Cat he have smart, she open cabinet, even fridge he have with paw. She jump on counter too. She abused when she young because kid he babysit but he quit because he find out.

    Because it happen, she not like person she not know pet her or she bite, but she not bite hard. But when cat know person she sweetest cat. She very fat and love food, even in sleep she eat and drink in dream she have all time.

    She need box be bog because she shoot litter far when she go in box. You read link he make in craislist and text or email so you see cat.

    Link below.

    He live Denham Spring, LA 70726

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    Craigslist is where animal abusers/torturers go to find their next victims. Everyone says never use Craigslist to rehome a pet. Your friend should find a "NO KILL ANIMAL SHELTER" or "PET RESCUE ORGANIZATION" and leave the cat with them. They will find a safe home for his cat.

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    Hello, my sister asleep now so I reply for her. Where my sister friend live, there isn't no kill shelter near where he live and only shelter he able get to is kill shelter. So chance he have of getting his cat to no kill shelter near zero because no one want take him because most of his family don't like cat he have because he live poorly because he didn't want give up her. And my sister won't take him because there no room in car she have and even if she did she wouldn't put a animal in her car, she drive Ferrari 458 and it don't have much room carry two person and cat. He don't want find shelter anyway, because thought of his cat lock away in cage even for small time he can't bare thought of it he told me. He want find her loving family directly. Is any good forum he place cat so family find her?

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