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Coconut oil for cats?

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    Coconut oil for cats?

    I was wondering if anyone knew if you can put coconut oil on cat with itchy spots from fleas? Some did bleed but they are not severe, she has flea prevention on now but wanted to know if anyone knew if coconut oil can be applied to those itchy spots. Thanks

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    It won't hurt her, but to heal it quickly put bag balm on it. Rub it in good, if she licks it its no big deal, won't hurt her any
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    I was giving my cat coconut oil for awhile until he stopped eating it, he prefers light olive oil. I like to put a little bit of oil in the canned food to help move along hairballs. Coconut oil is soothing to the skin and anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, etc. Worse that will happen is you'll need to re-apply frequently if the cat licks it off, but it's not harmful.

    I personally wouldn't use bag balm, because I tried it once on my irritated skin and it stung. I was going to use it on my dog who had razor burn from a groomer (I've been grooming my dogs at home since then), but after I experienced the burning/stinging, I decided against it. It still sits on the shelf, I use it once a year or so for dry heels on my feet, even with that application it doesn't really show improvement like creams or coconut oil do on dry skin.

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    Surprisingly, my cat is somehow allergic to coconut oil.

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