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update on Gretchen

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    update on Gretchen

    Maybe I misjudged Michael. Sheila called me yesterday, Michael has trained her and she loves him, he takes her with him most of the time, she has her own couch to lay on and is in the house with him now. She is mostly black, just a little tan on the side of her face and her legs. She's ten months old now but on the small side at only 58 pounds. She goes to visit Sheila with Michael and she's glad to see her but she is always looking for Michael. So seems it turned out ok for her. I still don't like the way it came about but its not up to me
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    That's weird, huh. Hmm.

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    Thanks for the update Linda, very good to hear that Gretchen is doing well and seems to be happy with Michael. I hope Sheila's account of the story is reliable, if so, that's great for the dog, much better than I thought when you first told us about her adoption.

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    Glad everything worked out!
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