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Do you have any idea of these famous dogs?!

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    Do you have any idea of these famous dogs?!

    Dogs are friends of human beings. They are brave, loyal and considerate, and have won the love and respect of human beings. There is such a country in the world that regards dogs as the second only life of human beings. Almost every president has a dog and a dog. Even the 30th president, Coolidge, once said: ďPeople who donít like dogs are not qualified to live in the White House. Letís take a look at the story of the president and the dog.
    Washington Hound

    The first president, Washington, raised 10 dogs, and one of the modified dogs named Sweetly won the favor of Washington. One night the Washington couple feasted, the first lady was holding a tempting ham and was ready to taste. Suddenly, Sweetley leaped high and quickly took the ham away. At the moment when the lady panicked, Witley has disappeared into the vast sea of people, causing Washington to laugh!
    Lincolnís Fedor

    The 16th president, Lincoln, has a famous dog named Feido. It is shy, melancholy and lonely. Even a little louder can scare it into the bottom of the bed. After Lincoln was elected president, he had to leave his hometown to Washington, DC. The caring president gave Fedor a fear of the train and gave it to a relative. But the president and the children really couldnít bear to spend more, so everyone took a lot of wonderful photos around the fee and filled the White House.
    Old Bushís Minnie

    The 41st President Bush and his wife Barbara have a dog Minnie. In March 1989, Minnie was about to be a mother. The presidentís family was excited to dance. I immediately decided that the delivery room was in the presidentís bedroom and drove the president to the next room. Live, Barbara personally delivered the baby, resulting in the delivery of 6 puppies. Among them: Bush and his wife gave a puppy called Spot, to Bush. Within a few years, when George W. Bush became president, Spot was happy to return to the White House where he was born.
    Reaganís dog

    There are many stories about the president and dogs in the United States, and they are also very touching. Some of them win extra points for the main people, some win the public opinion for the main people, and some accompany the ownerís life. I think: The story of the US President and Wang Xingren is both a hobby and a love.

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    I didn't know any of these but I'm glad that you shared it here.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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