The number of baths for cats should not be too much, otherwise the grease protective layer on the surface of the catís skin will be broken, making the catís skin more dry, sensitive, easy to lose hair, and suffering from skin diseases.Therefore, the owner can not bathe the cat too often, and it is necessary to know some information to bathe the cat.

1. What cat canít take a bath

Young cats under 4 months are not recommended for bathing, because their physical development is not complete, their physical condition is poor, and premature bathing makes them catch a cold, and if the kitten catches a cold, the consequences are very serious; Sick cats, pregnant cats, and old cats are also not allowed to take a bath, mainly because of their poor constitution. Do not take a bath with a cat with a skin disease. Except for a medicated bath, skin disease will worsen. Also, the cat canít take a bath for 1-2 weeks after the vaccine is over, and it is easy to get sick.
2. What should I pay attention to when taking a cat bath?

To bathe the cat, you must use hot water, about 40 degrees, even in the hot summer can not be washed with cold water, and the winter water temperature can not be too hot, so as not to burn the cat; to avoid the eyes and nose during the bathing of the cat, Especially the ear, the ear is easy to breed mites into the water; must use the cat-specific shower gel when bathing, such as the cat shampoo, can not use the shower gel of people or dogs, it is not suitable for the skin of cats, long-term use does not match the skin of cats Shower gel can damage the catís skin and hair.
3. How to take a bath with cat skin disease

Cats can also take a bath if they have skin diseases. Especially in the case of serious skin diseases, they need to wash 1-2 times a week. 4 weeks is a course of treatment, but bathing it is not washed with water, but with Chinese herbal medicine. The cat takes a bath. Add the Chinese herbal formula to the water for about half an hour, pour the potion out and let the cat keep soaking in the potion for 10 minutes, during which the catís skin is washed with water. This method can control the spread of skin diseases, and can also clean the catís skin, until the skin is completely ready.