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Cairns: Virgin Australia passenger horrified seeing her dog left in scorching sun

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    Cairns: Virgin Australia passenger horrified seeing her dog left in scorching sun

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    By Vita Molyneux
    January 1, 2019

    A Sydney woman has shared her horror after she looked out of a window at Cairns Airport
    to see her dog sitting in a cage on the tarmac under the scorching Australian sun.

    Lucy Shearer says that Virgin Australia promised that her beloved Cavoodle Frankie would be cared for in an air-conditioned room before boarding.

    However, as she and her partner sat through a 45 minute delay, they looked out of the window to see Frankie and another dog unattended in cages on the tarmac.

    Ms Shearer wrote on Facebook, saying "Considering recent events you'd think our treasured pets would be looked after correctly".

    Ms Shearer is referring to last weeks' death of a French bulldog under alleged similar circumstances. Virgin Australia confirmed they were investigating that incident.

    Her post has been shared to the Virgin Australia Facebook page by multiple people, all enraged by the airline's alleged treatment of animals.

    "Absolutely disgusted by photos of dogs left out on tarmac for 45 minutes. You're supposed to care for those animals!"

    "No animal should be left in the heat or any weather condition like this! You should be disgusted!"

    A spokesperson for Virgin Australia told 7News that they adhere to stringent guidelines and transport more than 65,000 pets every year.

    They said all animals are held in the Baggage Makeup Area, where trained staff monitor them and make sure there is enough shade and water.

    According to the spokesperson, "It only takes a few minutes to load pets on to the aircraft and they are only brought on to the tarmac when they are required for loading".

    The spokesperson would not say how long Frankie was left on the tarmac, but that they were investigating Ms Shearer's claims.

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    That's awful!
    My chickens are outside...for good!

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