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Prayers desperately needed

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    I've never been to a funeral for a baby, it must be extremely sad and very emotional for all involved. Just picturing that tiny casket is bringing tears to my eyes.

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    Nothing anyone can say or do for them, something they'll have to deal with themselves. Maybe after the funeral they will be better. Then its final, he's gone. Maybe in the future they'll have another baby but right now she's saying she can't go through this again. In the meantime I'm taking care of the dogs, nothing else I can do.
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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    You're right Linda, they both have very heavy hearts and will need lots of time to deal with what happened and move forward. You're very nice to take care of the dogs, I'm sure that's very much appreciated.

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