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WALKEE PAWS - Good Alternative to Winter Booties that Always Fall Off Your Dog's Paws

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    Lightbulb WALKEE PAWS - Good Alternative to Winter Booties that Always Fall Off Your Dog's Paws

    Has anyone here ever used these? I don't use booties, on the rare winter days when the temps are frigid outside and there's icy snow on the ground I just keep my dog inside the house, limited to back yard visits.

    With the way my dog runs around the park when loose, he would never keep on a basic bootie, but this looks like it's the answer for those people who want to keep their dog's paws dry and protected from snow, ice, ice-melt salts and dirt. Product with more info HERE.

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    Awwww! The pic is soooo cute! I've never used them though.
    My chickens are outside...for good!

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