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training dog to listen to my son?

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    training dog to listen to my son?

    Hi! we recently adopted a yorkie mix. It is going pretty smoothly. She is very playful and fun and well behaved and friendly. One question I have is that it was my 10 year old son who desperately wanted to get a dog. But I have noticed she doesn't seem to listen to him of go to him as much as the bigger people in the house like me, my husband and 13 year old daughter. She does play with him and but there is a noticeable difference - enough that he notices it and always comments about why she likes everyone else more than him. So it makes me feel bad for him.

    I tend to spend the most time with her, but we have tried to have a schedule where he feeds her and walks and plays with her in the mornings before school. And he give her treats. But I still notice he has a hard time getting her attention to play or follow him. Partly I think he does not know how to be authoritative and just looks physically smaller than everyone else. I don't know. She will tend to get distracted and try to follow me or my daughter around instead of listening to him. Does anyone have any advice for what we can do to get her to listen to my son more? Thanks!

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    Welcome! How long have you had her in your home? If she's still pretty new to your family and just getting to feel secure and comfortable in your home, she may just feel better or more safe with older people....dogs do sense our calmness and confidence and can detect when someone is nervous or not a leader (yet). You may just need to give it more time, but it's very good that you're letting him feed her. Before he puts down her bowl, have him order her to Sit first, then give her the food. When he walks her, make sure he is acting as leader and not letting her control the walk.

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    Alpha is so right about the sit before feeding. Tell her sit, start to lower the bowl, if she gets up, raise the bowl up, and start again. If she rushes for the food and doesn't wait for the release word, lol, start again. Of course, if she doesn't know sit she will soon learn it. After all, she may not have had a boy before.
    Also great ideal on your son feeding her, just let him be the only one to feed her and give treats. The dog will catch on quick. Keep us posted on how it is going.

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