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Tips for dealing with litter box smell?

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    Tips for dealing with litter box smell?

    Hey, so despite my best efforts, my kitty's litter is starting to stink up the apartment. I had been leaving a window open in the litter-box room earlier, but now it's either too cold or too rainy to do that (the rain comes right in the window). The brand of litter I'm using claims to be odor absorbent, but it's really not enough. Anyone have suggestions of air fresheners or other things I can use to improve the situation?

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    I have three cats and I use the frisco litter from There is no smell, I use the lightly scented breeze scent and no one would even know there are three cats using a litter box. This is the best litter I've ever used. You might want to give it a try
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    I use Fresh Step and the litter box is never smelly. I remove the solid waste on a daily basis, and I do a complete litter change every 7-10 days. My goal was always to keep the box clean so the cat will always use it, and I've achieved that goal.

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    Even if you have only one cat, it helps to buy litter with the words "mult-cat" and/or "extra strength" on the label. I do that. Also, any company can claim its products are odor-free just because it is unscented and clumps well. That does not mean it will never stink regardless of the amount your cat poops. Read litter reviews before you buy.

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