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Teenage Girl Helps Baby Donkey Who Was Abandoned by Mother

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    Thumbs up Teenage Girl Helps Baby Donkey Who Was Abandoned by Mother

    The baby donkey was malnourished and in bad shape, she nursed him back to health and brought him into her family. Full story and photos here.

    Jack was in a really bad way, and it was touch and go whether he would survive at all. “The first night was the hardest night with him, trying to get him to eat and use the bathroom so we would know that his insides weren’t shutting down,” Payton continued. “After we got through the first night he started taking a bottle and going to the bathroom.”

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    Awwwwww! He's so cute! Kudos to her and her family!
    I do a podcast about pets with my sister called: FurBalls & DogBones - A great resource for all things pets!
    Help all the pets you can!

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    What a great girl! Glad she saved it!
    My chickens are outside...for good!

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