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Overweight cat, wobbly front legs?

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    Overweight cat, wobbly front legs?

    Hi all! Iím a really worried cat mom. I adopted Thoradin about 1.5 weeks ago from a local humane society. He went to the vet via them and I got a report saying everything seemed good, other than being ďobeseĒ at 16.1 pounds - he was 18 pounds when he first was taken in April 3rd.
    I didnít notice until 3 days ago that shortly after he stops walking and stands still that his front legs do this little shake/tremble. It doesnít do it when he sits or lays, or even when he stands for a period of time, itís just the initial stop. He doesnít jump high, possibly due to the extra girth. But he doesnít show any pain upon walking, gently playing, jumping on/off the couch, or even me applying pressure to them.
    Also, possibly unrelated, in the same last 3 days heís vomited twice. My husband says itís more than likely because his previous home had a lot of cats and he may of had to fend off the others to eat - so he seriously chews once and swallows. Then pukes it back up whole hard kibble pieces.

    Am I worrying about nothing? I donít really have the funds to take him to the vet for every little thing (I have anxiety so everything makes me panic) but I will make do and get my big boy to the vet if you lovely folk think he needs to get checked out.

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    If you think his front legs are sore try adding some tumeric to his food. You can get capsules and open it up and mix it with wet food. The only way to loose weight is less calories and more exercise. Try feeding him a senior food. less calories and fat and try to encourage him to play. Get him a feather toy, a laser toy ect. anything to get him moving.
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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    Welcome to hte forum. First things first, congratuations on adopting a kitty and thanks for choosing a humane society to get him at!

    You say her last vet check was April 3? All human societies suggest taking new family members to the vet within a week of adoption, even if there is no reason to believe anything is wrong. Many shelters even require this. So I would go there regardless of how well he is doing and express your concerns at that appointment.

    There is no way a cat can chew kibbles and throw them up whole. He swallows whole kibbles, then throw up before digesting them. This usually means the cat ate too fast. If the vomit was all liquid I would be more concerned about it. I recommend changing his diet to wet food gradually so he can get more of the right nutrients and fewer fillers that contribute to weight gain than dry food. Wet food also can't be eaten too fast because cats have to tear it.

    Good luck and keep us updated!

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    Welcome! So good of you to adopt and care for Thoradin, suffering from obesity. It may just be the movement of walking, then stopping, putting stress on his legs/tendons/ligaments/muscles....I think once some weight is gone the condition should improve. There are food bowls available for fast eaters, you may want to use one of them if you think he's eating too fast as a habit of survival in his last place of residence.

    I agree with Linda about the Turmeric, supplements like MSM/Glucosamine is also good. I also agree with CatMom in regard to the canned food, that may be the best thing for now, then move to a combination of canned and dry in the future. I free-feed my cat dry Blue Buffalo food, and give 1/3 can of various wet foods daily, like Natural Balance, Avoderm, Wellness, etc....the higher quality brands.

    Obesity has a big negative effect on people and pets, from joints to hearts, etc. Good luck with your boy, I don't think you need to rush him to the vet again, just do what you're doing, using common sense and accounting for all that extra weight. Hopefully within a few months, he will feel much better and so will his legs....they're working overtime now.

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    Like Alpha I feed canned food while keeping dry food out. The only reason for this is wet food gets stale quicker, so I have to feed it two or three times a day instead of all 5.5 ounces in one sitting.

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