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Summer haircut?

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    Summer haircut?

    The dogs I've had for the past many years have generally had short hair and been, more or less, indoor dogs.

    I may have inherited a rather large shepherd mix, an older dog—maybe 12. He sheds like I've never seen before. To my eye, it seems he is built for cold weather, and has difficulty with the summer heat around here.

    I'm wondering if it is a thing to give a long-hair dog a "crewcut" when it starts getting hot. He may end up looking goofy, but he'd be cooler, right? I have to ask because he sheds so much I'm not certain I want him inside—never mind the fact that he doesn't seem to be housebroken. And I'm pretty sure it will get hot enough this summer that I will need to bring him in some days.

    If this is a thing people do, would I use normal human hair trimmers? Do I need to take him to a groomer, instead?

    What do you think?

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    shepherds shed all year and blow their entire coat twice a year. I brush mine daily and take off enough hair to make another dog. I don't recommend a hair cut, thin it out is ok but what keeps out the cold also keeps out the heat and if its cut to short he could get sunburned.
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    I agree with Linda, his coat acts as insulation, keeping him cool in summer and warm in winter so giving him a "haircut" wouldn't help keep him cool in summer.

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    I had that in the back of my mind as a possibility. Thanks for your advice; I have noticed how the shedding seems to have tapered off, which left me to suspect that Mother Nature has a way of dealing with the environment and knows best!

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