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Fish for beginner?

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    Question Fish for beginner?

    My friend's son is around 10 years old, he loves animals and they have a small poodle dog in the family. He want's a pet for himself in his room. My friend said that he can have a 10-20gal aquarium with fresh water fish. Any advice on a healthy fish for beginners that will live a long time and is easy to care for? He may want another kind of pet, right now he asked my advice since I belong to this forum. thanks

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    I'm not sure how they fair in colder temperatures but Hammerhead fishes can be pretty tough. My classmate in college used to take care of them and the oldest he's had was about 5 years of age.

    He could then pair it with a Janitor fish because they're really sturdy creatures. I've heard some that's live for more than 10 years. One pet store in a city I used to live in had a Janitor fish that was longer than 2 feet. It was very big.

    Unfortunately, I'm not sure if these two are available in other countries. Some of our rivers are just teeming with them.

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    My daughter has a betta in a tank with a filter, no rocks, and one plant in it. She got for her birthday two years ago and only feeds it every other day. I have never had to clean the tank, since there are no rocks for the food or poo to get stuck in everything goes into the filter. I change the filter every three months. There are pretty and come in several colors. Just don't put more than one in a tank without a divider.

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    Bettas are good idea as they are easy to care for and come in a nice variety of colors; but as was said, NEVER put more than one in a tank together, as they will fight and likely kill each other.

    Goldfish are pretty easy, my goldfish are easy enough to care for. Just have to keep up on cleaning since they can be a dirty fish.

    Tetras of different varieties can be easy enough to keep in schools, and they come in quite a few colors and types.

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    Betas are great starter fish and pretty low maintenance. I started with betta and now have saltwater and freshwater aquariums. My nephew (who was 6 at the time) did a school project with betta and they made their own ecosystem for them and its still alive two years later!

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    Most fish are easy to care for when you do things correctly.

    You need to set everything up with the necessary equipments. Things like a proper sized fish tank, a filter system, heater if you go tropical fish, water conditioner, etc.
    Here is an article on how to set up an aquarium.

    It is also highly recommended to prepare your new aquarium for nitrogen cycle before you add any fish at all.

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    Thanks for all the excellent advice and information, I'll let my friend know about all your helpful recommendations.

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    Betta fish are great for beginners and don't put two in the same tank. Goldfish are pretty easy to care for too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dawid123791 View Post
    Betta fish are great for beginners and don't put two in the same tank. Goldfish are pretty easy to care for too.

    Goldfish is not recommended for beginners. They eat a lot, and poop a lot. They are extremely messy and they require large fish tanks. Beginners often do not start with big fish tanks, and they'd better stay with smaller sized tropical fish.

    Betta is one of the most abused fish around because many people assume they are easy to take care of. While they are easy to take care of (if) you do things right, they are not really easier or harder compare to most other pet fish.

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    Despite the popular belief, goldfish do not make good starter fish for a 10~20 gallon aquarium because most will need a larger tank if well taken of and need a powerful filter because they produce a lotof waste. And no you cannot keep them in little bowls. That is just slowly killing them. Instead, bettas and fancy guppies are hardy little fish and although they still need a filter, they are not as messy as goldfish and do not get as near as large. Good luck

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    bettas but some thing a little bit more complicated is guppies

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    Betta's! Yes, my betta's are great pets and very pretty! Easy care!
    My chickens are outside...for good!

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    Glofish Danios are great ones! We had a 1.5 gallon with 2 danios! Great starter ones! If you wanna have more than one or two!

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