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Stray Dogs Save Girl

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    Stray Dogs Save Girl

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    What an awesome story ! Dogs are simply amazing sometimes, and this is a great example of it. I have seen some of the other stories and videos of dogs rescuing humans, and other dogs, and it is wonderful how they seem to understand that someone needs help, and come to the rescue.
    I think that dogs really enjoy interacting with humans, and when you watch the videos of dogs playing games with children, and even performing with an adult, you can see the tail wagging, and the joy in their face.
    There is a little video in the dog pictures thread, and it is called hooked on swing, and it shows a border collie dancing with her owner, and that dog is having so much fun out there dancing around, and she knows just what to do.

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    Wow this dog is fabulous. I wanna salute this dog.

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    Those dogs deserve a hero's award. It's too bad neither the man nor the stray dogs were found. The girl must be really thankful that they came. Who would've thought that the one to save her were going to be a bunch of strays who probably hardly knew her.

    Great share!

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    A great story with a great ending,where would we be without such beautiful creatures.

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    This was a great story, would only be better if they knew where the dogs went and found them homes. At least one with the girl amazing still though!

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