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DINOVITE Recommendations and Reviews

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    I've heard some good things about the Dinovite supplement for various health issues in dog including itching, allergies, yeast infections, skin conditions, etc. Have you ever used Dinovite for your dog? If so, were you happy with the product? Please share your thoughts here, so other pet owners can have some options in the treatment of their dog's conditions. Here's what TWHRider had to say...


    I live in the Tennessee Valley, a/k/a The Basin, a/k/a Allergy Purgatory, which includes my dogs and my horses.
    I tried the steroid route -- it didn't work, it was costly, and I didn't like giving my dogs drugs.

    A change of diet and Dinovite did work.

    My purebred Rottweiler and my Lab/Sharpei both had stomach issues AND skin allergies. The Dinovite worked miracles on both of them. Until it was time to send them on to their ancestors, neither of them ever had another stomach or skin problem after I put them on Dinovite and they stayed out of the vet's office.

    Dinovite is very expensive when feeding two dogs whose weights total 220 lbs but, your Daschsund will only need a small daily amount. It's well worth the investment to try it for 30 days.

    Since I am not into cooking for my dogs, I also put them on "Taste of the Wild" dry dog food. Also pricey when feeding big dogs (at the time I had four dogs) but some things you only get what you pay for and Taste of the Wild worked.

    You might also call the makers of Dinovite.

    My Rottweiler had digestive issues and skin allergies later in his life. Then he developed lymphoma and the vet gave him six months at best.

    I changed his dog food to "Taste of the Wild" (Tractor Supply sells it) and started him on Dinovite, feeding the recommended amount by the company's nutritionist. He chugged along 18 more months, making it to his tenth birthday.

    I did the same thing with my Lab/Sharpei who also had terrible skin allergies after we moved to the Tennessee Basin. Dinovite once again performed miracles and the excessive gas Luke always had went away. Luke also made to around 10 - 11 but I had to put him to rest thanks to severe hip damage from being thrown out of a moving van when he was ~18 months old. The neighbors witnessed that one.

    Anyway, my thought is to call Dinovite, explain what you've been dealing with and see what they say. The product is all natural and I can't see where it would further harm your Pupper.

    Wishing you the very best in getting the Young One back to good health

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    I have not tried this supplement, but there was one that used to be advertised on the radio all the time, and it was almost the same name, just spelled Dyno-vite , and I ordered that after listening to the commercials for it. Now, I am wondering if maybe I got the wrong supplement, since I don't remember whether it was actually spelled out on the advertisement or not, and I just looked it up online, and ordered the one that I found, as far as I can remember.
    It worked fine, and I mixed it in with the dog food, and it didn't take much of it for a small dog like mine are.
    I have been adding a liquid supplement lately, but now that I have looked at the Dinovite webpage , maybe I will try it and see how well this one works for the dogs.

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    I've heard it mostly on radio ads, and I believe they did spell it out and it was Dinovite.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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