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Looking for recommendations for a complementary pet for our beagle

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    Looking for recommendations for a complementary pet for our beagle

    We have a 4 year old beagle together with twin 6 year old humans. The humans (girls) are clamoring for a new pet and I would love to know if anyone else has multiple species at home and if they have any recommendations for a pet that could happily join a family with three animals already making a fair bit of noise, although Eggy the Beagle is usually the quietest of the three.

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    Our family of three(me and my two boys) has six pets. Two cats, three dogs and a bunny. One of our dogs is a beagle. I have always heard they like to run, but our other dogs are lab mixes and very loyal. Thus, our beagle learned very quickly to stay in the unfenced yard. Beagles are very tolerant and can get along with just about any animal or human! Have fun! We love our little MudPuppy a great deal!

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    I have some experience of beagles. As bandaloo said, they are very loyal and and generally pretty good with anything, the one thing to bare in minf though is they are playful and energetic, very very playful and energetic. So something that will tolerate or enjoy it's attention would be best. I'm sure if it's been used to it all it's life a cat would be okay but if it was me i'd probably not go with a cat. Any other puppy should be great and enjoy the attention.

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