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Maisie Moo - Boxer for Adoption in Virginia, USA

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    Smile Maisie Moo - Boxer for Adoption in Virginia, USA


    I'm currently fostering the lovely Maisie! Maisie is a super friendly, lovable, PB white Boxer. She is spayed and UTD on all of her vaccinations. She is NOT deaf OR blind. She walks fairly well on a leash, but does have some leash aggression (most likely from being tied up for the first 3 years of her life) when meeting other animals, but not people! Once she's met them, she does great with other dogs! I have four boys of my own and they get along famously. She couldn't care less about cats - she might give them a sniff, but that's about it.

    She also has some issues with bones, so I'm suggesting to the rescue and potential adopters that they be given ONLY in her own crate, away from other dogs. She plays well with my boys. She loves tug-o-war, tag, and wrestling. She absolutely ADORES everyone she meets regardless of age, gender, height or clothing. Nothing seems to scare this girl! She is 100% house trained!

    Maisie has some crating issues. She is 3.5 years old, her first 3 years were spent popping out babies and living outside 24/7 on a chain. When we rescued her she got about 1.5 weeks of playing and love before she was put on crate rest for her heart worm treatment. Through all of this she has developed some anxiety. She willingly goes into her crate, but has to be able to see someone at all times while therein. If she can not see some one, she will bark constantly until she can. She used to try and destroy/get out of her crate, but we no longer have that problem.

    She's not quite available for adoption yet, but will be in a couple months! She is currently undergoing treatment for Stage 4 Heartworms. She has been on crate rest for 1.5 months, and has another 1.5 to go. Once her treatment is complete, she will being going to see a specialist to address the damage to her heart, and to see if she will require anymore treatment/operations/medications. She will not be allowed to leave the rescue until she has a CLEAN bill of health!

    For those of you who might not know... "Crate Rest" is terribly hard on dogs - especially on Maisie who has just learned what life off the chain is like! She must stay in her crate 24 hours a day. When she needs to potty she has to be leash walked. She isn't allowed to do stairs, jump, run, or play. Any excitement could cause her to throw a clot, which could be potentially deadly. We were advised that if she could stay calm while out of the crate she could be out every once in a while - but every time we have tried she gets so excited that it's just not safe.

    If you think you might be interested in adopting Maisie or know someone who might, or if you would like to donate towards her medical bills or donate toys to keep her entertained on crate rest, please feel free to contact me or the rescue. You can visit the rescue at OR "Shirley's Angels Boxer Rescue" on FaceBook.

    The rescue is ALWAYS looking for fosters and adopters! Please check us out

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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