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Amazing Dog Harness

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    Amazing Dog Harness

    Hey pawfriends - I came across this harness and really want to share about it with everyone. Check out the video, this is great!

    Horgan Harness - A Safer and Effective Dog Harness

    The Horgan Dog Harness is the first and only back leg dog harness. It is a veterinarian designed harness that utilizes the natural physiology of your dog to provide a safer, more effective way to leash train your dog for walks. Your dog generates 70% of its power from the hind legs. The Horgan Dog Harness creates a harmless sensation around the back legs designed to divert your dog's attention from the desire to pull - without choking or inflicting pain on your dog.

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    Wow!. Amazing harness because it is very useful, especially for those who really love to go out with their dogs. I will share this video to all my friends and relatives who owned a dog.

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    Is that really safe? Great idea, but I'd be interested to know if it causes any extra stress or strain on back legs or joints? My dog has floating knee caps and arthritic joints so I don't think this would be comfortable for him. What about dogs with things like hip dysplasia?

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    ..ooh its so amazing..i will do to my puppy soon..^_^

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    Sounds interesting, I hope it doesn't cause straining of the back legs.

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    what brand of dog supplies do you choose when choosing dog collars and harnesses?

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