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Cat person in Colorado

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    Cat person in Colorado

    Hello! My wife and I have four cats. Two are "hers" (from before we were married) and two are "mine". Though they are all getting along reasonably now. I often find that when I tell people how many cats we have, they give me an odd look. It seems that more than 2 pets cause people to think you are odd. Well perhaps that's accurate. I have never really thought I was normal . Professionally, I'm a software developer and have an ulterior motive for looking into this forum. I'm going to make a post shortly looking for beta testers for an iPad app we are developing.

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    Welcome to the forum crspybits!

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    Welcome to the forum Crspybits!

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    A very warm welcome to the forum!

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    Well, you're in the right forum. Four cats sounds like a nice solid number. I think it's because you've mostly talked to people who have seldom taken care of multiple pets throughout their lives.

    This said, you're in the right place, my friend.

    Welcome to the forum, crspybits.

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    Welcome to the site.

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