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Wild Relatives of Your Pet Dog....Interesting!

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    Arrow Wild Relatives of Your Pet Dog....Interesting!

    Here are ten wild relatives of our pet dogs...

    There are many canines living in the wild that aren't technically dogs, but bear a striking resemblance to Rover and Fido. These canids include coyotes, foxes and wolves, to name just a few.

    These 10 impressive predators are among the vast population of wild dogs that populate our planet. Sadly, several of these remarkable animals are either threatened or endangered and may not roam the Earth much longer.

    See slideshow here:

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    Here is another interesting dog that should be in this category. Even though it is not a wild dog, like the other ones are; it is special because it is one of the earliest civilized dogs. This special dog is the American Indian Dog, and there are still a few of them being kept from Alaska to South America.
    There are a few breeders that are now also raising the Indian Dog, trying to keep the breed from going extinct. These are the kind of dogs that were kept by our native people as far back as they have the records and pictures of both the Indians and their dogs .
    This webpage has more of the interesting history of these dogs, as well as early pictures of the dogs at Indian camps; and also some pictures of the dogs as they are today.

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