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First Snake - What Should I Get?

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    First Snake - What Should I Get?

    I want a snake. It needs to not get too large, as I have one roommate who is ok with a smaller snake but nothing too large. I want it to be a snake that's fairly easy to take care of. What's a good snake for a first time owner?

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    know this was posted a while ago but take a look at rosy boa's , or the kenyan sand boa both are small snakes , very easy to look after and keep.

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    I would highly recommend a yellow rat snake (elpahe obsoleta quadrivatatta). These are the nicest snakes I have ever had. My yellow rat snake, whom I have had for almost four years, has never bitten me and is always very calm. Right now my snake is about three feet long, which is a manageable size, and is very docile. He eats medium sized mice once every two weeks. Each mouse is slightly over two dollars, so the expenses are low. Yellow rat snakes are also very nice looking, which I suppose does not impact the quality of the pet. These snakes make great pets, are very manageable and low in costs, and are very nice and will never bite if treated right. They are also low maintenance.

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    Garter/ribbon snakes are fairly easy to keep and stay small, ball pythons are nice but are a bit on the bigger side, and like cmiliken said, rat snakes ( also known as corn snakes) are good starter snakes. But really, any snake is a good starter snake if you do all the research and can care for it.

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