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Top 5 Dog Products

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    Top 5 Dog Products

    What are the top five items you have purchased for your dog that you would recommend to others? What makes them great?

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    I really like Petstages durable stick dog chew toys. My dog is a chewer and has a really strong jaw so most toys he enjoys, he destroys pretty quickly. I bought him one of these stick chew toys about two or three weeks ago, and it's still going strong He also seems to really enjoy it! I also really like the everlasting bento ball for the same reasons.

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    My top five would have to be

    1. Jolly balls - they have lasted me almost three years and still going strong as durable indoor toys
    2. Their Chuckits perfect for fetch although only one dog understand the concept of fetch
    3. Thunderjacket I swear by it to call Rudy down
    4. Furminator, two double coated dogs lead to a lot of fur.
    5. Bull wrinkles, it their favorite treat and takes awhile to get through

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    Slopmats- keeps my dog wet free especially after a long walk on the rain
    Pet Self warming beds-keeps my dog warm especially during winter
    LED safety light- helps me track my dog easily in the dark
    Chilly mats- keeps my dog's body temperature low during summer

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    Definitely an ID collar. My pup has gotten lost (and found!!) thanks to the info on his collar. He gave me such a scare!

    Here is the place where I get mine. They let you really customize the collars they sell.

    Hopefully all of our pups stay close to us, but it never hurts to be prepared.

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    sleeping mats

    where can i get those tempreture controlled sleeping mats

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    You could probably find temperature controlled mats either online or in the pet supply store. We have 2 heating pads for our cats and I honestly don't remember where we bought them. Sorry.

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    My Shih Tzu has a Rope toy. It is his favorite. It looks like a "bone" shape with knotted ends. It is edible and proven safe for my dog. He have it for more than a year already.

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    my dog destroys toys, only thing she hasn't destroyed is rope toys
    She loves her outside kennel (weather permitting)
    To me the most important thing is a microchip. Always hope we never need it but in case we do she has it.
    furminator brush, nothing sheds like a shepherd so this is used often
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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    I love the retractable leash with a led light that I bought recently - it is perfect for winter when days are short and you need to go for a walk in the dark (and need to collect my dog's poo from the neighbour's grass patch

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    Tennis balls- They last a long time and you can throw them
    Rope tug toys- Your dog can chew them and play with you
    Crate- Keeps your dog contained and safe
    Kong toys, the stuff-able ones- Keeps your dog occupied
    Hula hoop- You can train your dog and bond with him at the same time

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    Quote Originally Posted by dog101 View Post
    What are the top five items you have purchased for your dog that you would recommend to others? What makes them great?
    1. Mav4Life Dog rope toy. It's super durable and my dog loves playing with it. I've had it for a month and he has yet to get tired of it. Can't complain!
    2. Cat nip spray: I spray this on my cats toys and he instantly wants to play and it's great for tiring him out. I use one that my neighbor turned me onto that is organic, but you can find this at your local pet store.
    3. Mav4Life leather dog leash: Another very durable product great for walks!
    4. Sparkly cat toys: The shiner the better, my cat never gets tired of them and he loves chasing them around the house.
    5. Fine tooth comb: Great for preventing or removing pests and get dirt out. Also the fur babies enjoy getting brushed!


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    Its all about the chick it stick so you can toss the ball 10x further and never touch the slobber !

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    where to get this, how about the price, would you sent me an email with with details and deals?

    best regards

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