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Benny the PitBull Pup Gets Adopted from a High Kill Shelter

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    Thumbs up Benny the PitBull Pup Gets Adopted from a High Kill Shelter

    Watch this dog go from shy to super excited. So glad he has a new home and wasn't euthanized.

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    Lovely to see that little pup found a loving home,just a shame that more dogs could't be adopted this time of the year,instead of being surrendered,too many animals given as Christmas presents, end up in shelters in the new year,very sad.

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    This had me holding back tears ,,, hearing the others barking in the background that need saved too. I am so happy Benny got a home

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    Definitely agree with you both. This time of year is rough...I wish all the shelter animals would get a good home and have a happy life!

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