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Betta Care

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    Betta Care

    A lot of people think betta fish are easy and cheap.They're not.They're quite expensive to care for sometimes,but they can also be very cheap for some things.In this you'll find tank size,diet,a small section on behavior,and more!

    Tank Size

    A tank for a betta should be no smaller than 5 gallons,since they can be very active fish if given the right amount of space.However for no more than 15 dollars you could get a 10 gallon tank.A 1 gallon tank or "betta bowl" are both horrible options that are extremely cramped and they are precisely why bettas got the reputation for being lazy boring fish.Consider that these horribly small tanks cost around 10 dollars for a kit,but you could easily get a much larger tank for the same price!


    The best option is Hikari brand betta food.Try to avoid cheap fish food as these are often very low quality,while Hikari is fairly good quality and is actually very cheap at less than 6 dollars which will most likely last a month or longer.

    Tank Setup

    Bettas are very fond of fake foliage to hide in,so always provide lots of it!Make sure it isn't at all poky or sharp as this can injure delicate fins and possibly eyes.In terms of substrate,gravel is actually not recommended since there are many risks as well as being very difficult to maintain.Fine aquarium sand is very good,or you could have a bare bottom.For decorations just make sure there are no rough edges etc.

    Behavior-What is normal,and what is not?

    Betta fish are actually quite active so they should never be lethargic or seemingly inactive.They can actually be quite interactive and social fish towards their owners so be prepared to have a fish that seems to follow you around in its tank!

    Signs of Illness

    If a betta fish suddenly turns white,it could be a sign of illness.Watch for any irritation,tiny moving spots,scale loss,and fin rot as well.

    Life Expectancy

    The sad reality of fish ownership is that betta fish often do not live long if bought from a store.Generally however well bred bettas could live over 2 years,but it is always a very big commitment that nobody should jump into as with all pets.

    Are they good for children?

    Yes,and no.If the children are patient and quiet and very responsible,yes.If they don't mind not being able to handle their pets,yes.If they will be the sole caretaker and or their parents don't mind having to help care for their pets,yes!However if the answer to any of those is no,then do not allow a child to have a betta fish.No pet is suitable for every single person,with betta fish being no exception at all.

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    Good information, unfortunately I think too many people stick these poor fish in tiny bowls with no natural foliage at all for them to hide in or feel secure, often the one they're purchased in, and that's not a healthy life for these Bettas.

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    When I purchased my first betta,he didn't get the best care.He was kept in a tiny tank,but luckily I did at least get him some plants so that probably helped a tiny bit.Sadly I just didn't do any research beforehand,and it really does impact me and make me keep trying to get more people to learn about proper care for them and just try my best to help improve care!Of course now I am thinking about various pets and not sure which,but another betta with a 10 gallon tank is definitely under consideration if not a 20 gallon tank for one betta.

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    I did a lot of research before I got my two Betta fish. I have them in a half gallon tank with separator....I know, it seems small but they are happy in it. I clean the tank once a week.....or sooner. Only once I did it two days late.

    Pictures of them:

    DO DO DOG.jpg
    Rainbow and swimmer having a great time.


    The food I give them!
    My chickens are outside...for good!

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