Chulo is a 6 yr old mixed breed dog who has called the Santa Barbara Humane Society home for two years. He is well-liked by staff and volunteers. He is generally happy, playful, and good with people. He has basic obedience training and takes commands well. He has had no notable behavior problems in 2 years at the Humane Society. it is not recommended that he be placed in a home with kids because he doesn't have a lot of experience around them. It is required that he be the only animal in a household (excluding caged animals). He is shy with some dogs and if other dogs are aggressive or pushy he will assert his boundaries.

One staff member often takes her lunch breaks to hang out and be with him. There is a local family who comes to visit him when they can because they cannot have a dog where they live.

When I took him to my house for a home visit, he was well behaved and friendly with other people.
He behaved well around my neighbors child, who is about 3.

Staff is not exactly sure what his breed is, so they advertise him as a mixed breed. I believe he is a pitbull mix, and I know this is a tough breed to get adopted. This is probably the main reason he has been here for so long. It's hard to believe that such a polite and friendly dog has yet to be adopted (from my point of view). If he sounds like a fit for your home, or if you know someone who would be interested, please call or visit the Santa Barbara Humane Society. Thank you!

Contact Cameron at (805) 896-3330 or
[I am a volunteer who has permission from the Humane Society to post about Chulo.]

or contact the Santa Barbara Humane Society at (805) 964-4777
please ask for Dog Adoption Counselor Erica Jackson

(photos wouldn't upload, so please message me or call for photos)