1.5 year old dog potty issues


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Jan 13, 2021
We have a 1.5 year old mix we rescued as a pup. He has been with us since he was about 10 weeks. We have a home in Fla and up north. Lately, he has taken to pottying in the house. I will walk him 2-3 miles some days. He is fine. We get home and he poops in the house. In the past 15 minutes he has pooped in the house as well as peed on our bed!

We have a fenced backyard. We leave the sliding door open so that he can come and go to get into the backyard. Access is not a problem. We have another dog with no issues.

We are confused about what to do. Other than crating him, any suggestions? He is/was housebroken until recently. Diet has not changed, the dogs are with us for hours each day. It is like he doesn’t know what is happening. He will look you in the eye and then start peeing or pooping. This doesn’t happen all the time but with enough frequency that we are out of ideas.


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Mar 13, 2014
New Hampshire
-he needs to be crated when you can't watch him you need to start over as if he were a small puppy. Teach him words like outside and when he gets it right treat and praise, If there is no medical issue he's just being obnoxious and needs to remember his place. Crate him and watch how fast he comes around