18 month old lab/hound slightly agressive with neighborhood kids


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Oct 16, 2020
We've had Scoobie a little over a year now, he was about 6 months when we got him from the local humane society. He's a really sweet dog, sometimes a bit emotionally needy, sometimes a little clingy, but very sweet and obedient. He loves when my adult daughter comes to visit and sleeps at her feet when she's here overnight. He seems a mostly happy, well adjusted pup. The neighborhood kids all love him, and when we used to let him run off the leash the kids would play fetch with Scoobie. But he had trouble listening at that time, so we had to stop letting him run off the leash.

In the past few months he's been a bit aggressive toward the neighborhood kids. He'll seem fine when they approach, stand still while they pet him. But when they turn away he snarls and lunges at them. I've kept a tight hold on his leash so he hasn't done any damage, but I can't have him acting like this around the neighborhood kids. We can't afford a behaviorist or a training school, and Scoobie is so sweet and well behaved with my wife and I and both our adult kids. Getting rid of him isn't an option. We could just not let him near the kids, but I'm thinking there has to be a better solution.

Until we got Scoobie I was exclusively a cat person who never left the house. This dog changed my life, I've gotten more exercise and become healthier since we got him. He was actually an anniversary gift for my wife, and giving him up would break her heart as well as mine. Are there any suggestions how we can teach him to not be aggressive toward the kids in the neighborhood?


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Mar 13, 2014
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Not all dogs like kids, especially if they are at eye level with them. They take this as a challenge. You know he isn't good with kids and the older he gets the worse he is going to be All you can do is keep kids away from him and don't let him interact with them unless he is muzzled. Don't let him fool you, if he's shown aggression you must always assume he will bite if he gets the chance. You don't have to get rid of him just be mindful that he can and will bite if given the opportunity. Aggression is something you can't take out of a dog, best you can do is to keep it under control and don't get him in situations where he can bite. And to protect yourself put up beware of dog signs on each side and front and back of your house.
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