4 Quick Tips To Reduce a Ferrets Smell


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Dec 22, 2019
Whats going on everybody!

Just wanted to share a some quick tips on how to prevent a ferrets smell, so without spending to much time I'll just go ahead and list them.

  • Clean Your Cage and Ferret Accessories Weekly ( Might sound like a lot but do you really want your ferret playing with dirty stuff?)
  • Clean your house weekly (Do weekly mopping and cleaning of shelves, tables, vases anything else that can be wipes, go ahead and wipe it.)
  • Check Litter Daily ( Ferrets poop and they don't like poop in there litter while they do it. Check you litter couple times a day)
  • Neutered/Decented ( if you got your ferret from pet store you prob don't need to worry about this, if you didn't get your ferret neutered to reduce hormones reducing the amount of oil the your ferret produces.)
There it is 4 simple ways to reduce what smell ferrets actually have and being clean at the same time. Start implementing this and see if you notice a difference in smell when you come home from work.

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