63 days, no signs of labor. I think?


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Nov 16, 2022
Hello, I rescued a intact male dog due to a emergency situation where he was living in a barn and took him in even though he was intact. My plans are to get him neutered as soon as possible but he was shooken up and well under weight from no food so figured I would wait till he settles in to neuter him. I have a female who is not spayed so during her heat cycle we kept the 2 separate. When she stopped bleeding and figured after ovulation we slowly let them around each other and just watched the entire time. WELL I went to the grocery store, they got playing and so my oldest let them outside together and he calls me freaking out, ofcourse they tied.

Now, I am educated on breeding but I would say I am educated on a textbook case and some problems with the needs for c-section, my husbands family used to breed boxers who seemed to always be textbook. Well now I have a female here who absolutely refuses to have her temperature taken and I would hate to stress the girl out. She has lost a ton of clear mucous (egg white consistency) she seems exhausted ALL the time but also uncomfortable. She will sleep and sleep but toss and turn and get up then lye down.Whichsounds normal but this has just been happening for 3 days now more sleeping then anything. Pups are wiggling around in there like crazy. Mama definitely has the farts like there's pressure but no panting, no shivering, no digging or trying to find a place to hide. Shes more attached to my hip then ever!

What do you guys think is going on. Not sure if I could say breed but shes a large breed.