7 Ways Pets Can Help With Mental Health Issues


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Mar 2, 2020
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The Incidence of mental health issues has significantly increased over the last few years.

People are experiencing a variety of mental health problems ranging from minimal everyday worries to severe and even life-threatening conditions.

How can we battle this developing problem?

We all have different ways to cope with the symptoms caused by our mental health. Some resort to prescription medications, while others seek comfort in therapy.

In the past few years, there has been a significant incline in the use of animals to assist in mitigating the symptoms caused by mental health.

Are pets really the best strategy to use to tame our demons?

Let’s dive into this new trend to uncover the 7 ways pets have been known to alleviate mental health issues.

# 1. Improve your sleep with the help of a pet

The Topic of Concern: Sleeping Disorders

What is a sleeping disorder?

Sleep disorders are conditions that cause a drastic change in sleeping patterns which can negatively affect one’s health.

What are the main causes of sleeping disorders?

1) Medical Problems - Such as, suffering from chronic conditions like migraine, arthritis, lupus syndrome etc.

2) Psychiatric Disorders - For example, anxiety conditions and depressive disorders.

3) Environmental Issues - Which are things that surround you, such as your partner snoring, or lighting in your room.

One or more symptoms you may experience:

1) Difficulty falling or staying asleep

2) Day time fatigue

3) Irritability or anxiety

4) Urge to take day time naps

What are some solutions to this problem?

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