8 Month Maine Coon barely eats


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May 5, 2022
I have a female 8 month Maine Coon. I got her 3 months ago when she was 5 months old. Ever since I’ve had her, she has been constantly begging for food but everything I give her she sniffs and leaves. I have tried over 50 different wet and dry cat foods but everyday it is the same thing, she sniffs the food and walks away. I have tried to give her raw meat and fish and she still doesn’t want to eat. I am very concerned because she is losing weight everyday. She acts completely normal but my other 5 month old maine coon is bigger than her. I took her to the vet and they said it was normal and she’ll start to eat around 14 months but I am worried she won’t be alive at this rate. Does anybody have suggestions?


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Mar 28, 2012
I have no experience with Maine Coons, but they are beautiful cats. I have a Manx who has been eating Blue Buffalo dry food and canned food like Wellness, Avoderm, Natural Balance. Just had him in today at ten years old for a couple of vaccinations, and the vet said he looked healthy. I'm not sure why she is begging for food but not eating , I would seek the opinion of another vet to be sure it's not a medical concern.


Apr 20, 2021
Not eating suggests teeth/mouth issues which I would assume the Vet checked or gut issues like digestion, again the Vet can help, however it doesn't sound like the Vet you used has a clue or investigated potential causes as telling you " it will 'resolve' itself at 14 months old" is useless advice.

I would seek out another Vet and a practice who knows and has experience about cats..........Vets are trained using dogs so you need a Vet who likes Cats and/or has a practice where Cat owners are customers.

High levels of Vitamin E ( which the Vet can give a shot of) or you can get a good quality high level IU of Vit E and give it to her yourself, Vit E makes them hungry BUT if she has an undiagnosed medical issue this will just make her hungry but she still won't eat