A stray puppy with fleas


New member
Nov 21, 2021

There is a small pup about 4-5 months old near my coaching institute with some skin infection. I am seeing this pup from last 7 days. I start to feed him 4 days back. Then I asked a local vet and bought him a spray. Today I sprayed at his infection from a distance. And unfortunately I have scared him away. Now whenever he sees me he runs away like I am going to do something to him. :( I really want to help this puppy with his infection without being bitten. What can I do?


Apr 20, 2021
You can't treat when you don't know the reason for the skin infection, this pup needs taking to a vet and as it is a stray then animal control is who you contact, so it is caught and properly assessed and treated...... and if it is young and otherwise fit/healthy it will then be found a new home