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Aug 18, 2018
I'm hoping someone here might have input; over the years I've known other people in this area who've also had bad experiences with a particular vet that they also stopped going there and found different vets for their pets.

To be straightforward about it, the vet is a bully. This includes frequently trying to bully pet-parents into buying unnecessary and very expensive products, and also unnecessary and very expensive procedures. One pet-parent was actually threatened.

While none of us are veterinary specialists, we're not inexperienced and ignorant, either. But that's the approach the vet takes- like we know nothing and can be bullied into anything. One example was being told if a cat licks its fur it means the cat is infested with fleas, and must have an expensive flea product and its fur removed.

Another example was when I explained kitty was nervous because a new neighbor screamed and beat on the walls all night- extreme enough that there was noplace in apartment that we could get away from it-, and kitty didn't like to go outdoors anymore because a neighbor's cat often ran up hissing and spitting at her, the vet didn't believe a cat could be nervous or bothered by anything and insisted she must have a serious medical condition requiring numerous tests that would run multiple hundreds of dollars.

More recently, I learned something I didn't know about before- some animal shelters have the practice of neutering pets found outdoors, and then clipping the pet's ear to show it's been done. Well, when a friend gave me a cat years ago, he and I both noticed a clipped ear, but as the cat had had numerous homes plus time in a shelter before, neither of us knew how or when it happened. When I first took the cat in for exam and vaccines, the vet was all nasty and disapproving, acting like he thought I'd cut the cat's ear. It was embarrassing and scary. But as the vet had been practicing for many years, he certainly knew about the shelter's practice. I don't know which is worse- a vet who should have known better basically accusing me of animal abuse, or learning kitty must have been homeless for some period of time.

Other than finding new vets, is there anything we can do? I don't think the vet should be practicing when it comes to trying to take advantage of people, trying to bully us into compliance, and treating us poorly in general.


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Mar 13, 2014
New Hampshire
leave nasty reviews on their website, people read those and that will certainly get the vets attention