Allergies or Not?


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Jul 23, 2018
I have a pitbull named Remy who is a year old now.
He has always had sensitive skin and such, basically following the whole pitbull skin issue thing.
Anyways, sometimes he gets red in between his paws, belly button and in between thighs. Sometimes his paws swell up but he doesn't lick them or itch them. He also doesn't seem to be itchy anywhere else.
When we took him for a check up, the vet was positive it was a food allergy.
But, I disagree and here's why. He definitely had an allergy before to a prior food because he would get chronic diarrhea , vomit once a week and would itch a lot. So we switched his food to a completely different protein (From chicken to fish) and he has been doing amazing. No more bumps on skin, no more diarrhea. This might sound gross, but he has very healthy, solid poops now and doesn't vomit at all. So, we thought that was it.

Now that you have that backstory, here's our issue now.
The redness in the paws shows up under different circumstances. His body temperature is naturally high says his vet. So, typically we see it happen after he's been active around the house (we have carpet), outside in the grass/snow/rain/ etc. That's mainly the pattern.

What im thinking is maybe it's seasonal allergies?
But, also wondering if there's such thing as a condition that would cause inflammation when the body temperature rises, for example, after being active for so long.
Or, is it a food allergy? Even though his gastrointestinal issues completely cleared up?
Could it be that our previous home owner had cats? And he's allergic to the dander that may be left over in the carpets?

I'm worried but not completely worried because he doesn't have any discomfort. No itching, scratching, uncomfortableness.
He also every once in a while has a red anus. But we notice that only happens right before he empties his glands...which yes, he does himself. He's a gross dog.
So, if anyone thinks they might have any clues or answers to what we are going through, drop a hint. Baths maybe? with a special shampoo?


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Mar 13, 2014
New Hampshire
My nephew has a white pit bull (whie skin is more prone to skin problems. I told him to get a bottle of colloidal silver and mix it with water and spray the dog two or three times a day. He did and no more problems. You can also get unscented baby wipes and wipe his feet, his belly and his face everytime he comes in from outside. This will help a lot with skin issues. The colloidal silver also comes in a gel so you can rub it right into the problem areas

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