An exotic pet lover

Jun 20, 2022
Hi! I’m the Florida turtle fan. I’ve been taking care of exotic pets for 10 years now and I’ve been working with cats and dogs for around 15. When it comes to pets I never discriminate though I mainly specialize with aquatic life. At home I have 8 aquariums, a King Charles spaniel, two springer spaniels, 3 Fiddler crabs, a Florida musk turtle, and 4 poison dart frogs. My goal is to help people both understand and get somewhat closer with more unusual pets. I think all pets wether they have an exoskeleton, due, scales, feathers, slime, or spines should all get a fair shot with an owner. So for 5 years I’ve been teaching others about the less likely pets from geckos to lobsters. And I teach people why these creatures deserve a fair chance to have someone to love on them and give them a warm home.


Crazy fish lady
Dec 7, 2019
Welcome to the forum! I have 2 cats, but I specialize in aquatic life as well (mainly fancy goldfish, but other fish and inverts as well). I’m also the snail person. I have only 3 aquariums at the moment due to the fact that I’m renting.