Any advice on my dog's behaviour would be appreciated!


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Feb 13, 2020
We have a 2 year old rescue who started his life with us at 9months old. He is obedient, affectionate, relaxed in the home, doesn't protect his food or toys from us or his approved dogs (3 other family member's dogs and 1 or 2 friend's dogs). In the last 6 months he began becoming protective of me and reacting to dogs in the park and strangers attempting to approach. With some long lead training and confidence boosting from myself and my husband this has come down to minimal occurrences. Generally if things are not going well with another dog meet we can safely move on without any altercations.
However now he is allowing people and dogs to approach and showing body language that he is happy with the situation then all of a sudden switching to growling and glaring. It seemingly comes out of no where when myself and my husband are relaxed and he appears relaxed. It has made predicting his behaviour even harder than when he just reacted to all strangers. Any advice on why he is suddenly switching in relaxed situations would be greatly appreciated and whether anyone else has had this happen!?


Mar 13, 2014
New Hampshire
what breed is this dog? Some dogs mature younger than others. Some dogs start this behavior at around nine months o\ old and the older they get the protective they become. This isn't something you are going to ever take out of him, best you can hope for is to keep it under control./ you must always assume he will bite pr start a fight with another dog. You will have to keep him leashed to you or put him someplace away from strangers and other animals. He may just be doing it when you are around, which means he is trying to protect you. These dogs can be a challenge to live with, I know, I have one. But if you can diffuse a situation before it happens you'll be fine.