Any Knowledge on pet Cane Toads?


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Jan 15, 2020
Hi I guys I'm currently looking into getting toad after wanting one for literal years! But it occured to me that I may want to get a Cane Toad! As unlike most wild caught animals, these guys are pretty invasive so Itd be a benefit to where it came from and the toad needn't fear being killed out in the wild. But before I go buying anything there's some things I'd like to know, so if anyone can answer that'd be great!

1: What size tank? I know these guys get huge which is why I'd like to know what tank size is average 35gal?40gal?55gal? How big we talking?
2: Do they like being social? Yes I know they cannibalize sometimes, but in animals of the same size do they enjoy company?or is a single toad fine?
3: How often and how much do they eat?
4: Are my other pets at risk of getting sick from me petting or interacting with said toad?
5: Do they have special requirements? As in are they known to be plant wreckers that would make a vivarium useless? Or infamous for digging up plants or other odd habits? Are they especially sensitive to anything?

Thanks for the help and advice!


Jul 23, 2017
Cane toads are NOT pets! Any cat or dog who catches one would die within minutes. They also do not swim all day; people find them in the back yard or stuck on glass windows and doors.
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Dec 26, 2020
Cane toads have run rampant here in Australia after being introduced. Their skin is poisonous. They can also get into trucks and spread the Cane Toad Kingdom across the land. Seriously, people here in Australia don't keep them as pets. I would be amazed if your country allowed them to be imported or kept.