Any Knowledge on pet Cane Toads?


New member
Jan 15, 2020
Hi I guys I'm currently looking into getting toad after wanting one for literal years! But it occured to me that I may want to get a Cane Toad! As unlike most wild caught animals, these guys are pretty invasive so Itd be a benefit to where it came from and the toad needn't fear being killed out in the wild. But before I go buying anything there's some things I'd like to know, so if anyone can answer that'd be great!

1: What size tank? I know these guys get huge which is why I'd like to know what tank size is average 35gal?40gal?55gal? How big we talking?
2: Do they like being social? Yes I know they cannibalize sometimes, but in animals of the same size do they enjoy company?or is a single toad fine?
3: How often and how much do they eat?
4: Are my other pets at risk of getting sick from me petting or interacting with said toad?
5: Do they have special requirements? As in are they known to be plant wreckers that would make a vivarium useless? Or infamous for digging up plants or other odd habits? Are they especially sensitive to anything?

Thanks for the help and advice!