Aussie and husky newborn size difference? Pregnant Dog?


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Jun 2, 2020
I know this is a really controversial topic, but right now I could really use some advice. I have a female australian shepherd who is not spayed. I was pet sitting a larger husky who was not neutered and it was my intention to keep both dogs separated. I ended up having an almost fatal medical emergency and was hospitalized for almost a week. My family members helped take care of the animals while I was gone, but since I have been back, my aussie is showing some unusual behaviors and symptoms that make me think she might have gotten pregnant while I was at the hospital. My concern is that the father was a bigger dog than she is, and I don't want the pregnancy to be dangerous for her. I would feel bad to terminate the pregnancy for no reason though. I want to ask here if anyone knows anything about the puppy sizes of australian shepherd vs husky breeds. Do you think it could be a healthy pregnancy? Could the puppies be too big for her?

I know in hindsight I should not have allowed an intact male in my house with an intact female. I thought I could just handle it, but no one could have predicted what was about to happen with my health.

The symptoms she is having include less energy(not feeling like going for our usual walks, which she usually loves), clinginess(she cries at any closed door between us), and she seems to be lactating. Her nipples seem bigger than normal too but I am not sure because I never really paid attention to them until now.


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Jul 23, 2017
Welcome to the forum Baussie. Thank you for posting. What are the names of your dogs?

Mistakes happen. You learned from it the hard way but the most important thing is understanding how you screwed up and accepting your errors. That said, you obviously know now to get the husky neutered before the Aussie can get pregnant again - and of course get her spayed ASAP.

To answer your question, it varies and the puppies can be different sizes when they are born. There are many factors involved. If a puppy can't go through the birth canal safety, your vet will do a C-section to get them out.


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Mar 13, 2014
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most puppies when born are about the size of the mother's ear. these could be a little bigger but I think it will be no problem. If she is in labor more than twelve hours with no pup being born you need to get her to a bet ASAP You may also want to have her xdrayed now and you will know about how big they are and if they are to big for her to pass. The pregnancy will last anywhere from 59-63 days so keep a close eye on her. When she starts producing milk and the mucus plug comes out birth is emininent she may pant and be restless you will know when the pups are coming. the pups should come in have hour inervals , if she goes to long she is in distress and get her to a vet. Dogs have been having pups with no help for thousands of years so just let her do her thing but keep an eye on her.