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Dec 31, 2021
I have a Maltese cross he is 2 yrs old he is a very affectionate dog loves attention but he especially loves the attention of one of the family members who is a young b I understand you can't give attention all day but sometimes when the family member is doing other things computer etc and v doesn't get b the attention sometimes he looks sad and sometimes b goes to sleep he does get over it


Apr 20, 2021
Hi and welcome

Dogs are very good at manipulating humans and 'demanding' attention and they target the person most likely to give what they demand.... also they also like routine and if over that 2yrs you have routinely given attention at each demand or set up a pattern of attention 24/7, then the dog learns this is what is expected of it and will 'please' the humans in its demands.
In changing the routine of demand, the humans have to change what they do, so the dog learns that the routine is changing... so the younger member needs to ignore ( no looking, touching or talking) to the dog when they want space and once the dog walks away then they praise the dog for doing so... this is simple training and much harder for the human to learn and be consistant than the dog


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Jan 6, 2022
my advice: don't look at the on the eyes hahha (when they know you are looking = they would even demand more)