Best Safe Toys for Aggressive Chewers


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Feb 16, 2017
Hello, everyone. Below is a video series recently started to test toys for safety, ease of use and entertainment for your pet. There's a new one every week and is geared toward the aggressive chewer.



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Apr 12, 2017
Hi there-

First off, LOL and great video! Thank you for the reviews. Your pups are very cute! I would love if you could test out Mav4Life dog toys, They are said to be excellent for aggressive chewers and teething puppies. They are a fairly new brand so they haven't had to many reviews on them yet so I would greatly appreciate your feedback! Thanks again and can't wait for more videos!


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Mar 13, 2014
New Hampshire
There is nothing my "mighty mouth" can't destroy, even the ones claiming they are indestructable ones are no match for her. The only things she has now are rope toys and antlers. Antlers are the best, even the most aggressive chewer can't chew through them. As long as you get ones with points, not flat ones that can slide down the throat and choke them.