beware new flea and tic medication CREDILO


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Mar 13, 2014
New Hampshire
dogs are dyin from this new medication I am enclosing one review

: unfortunately the seizures did not end up stopping like we thought they had. And on day thirty after this medication was given- we had to let Blayz go to the rainbow bridge

Today we got the call from our vet that Zoetis is paying for every bill inquired for Blayz as his death was 100% linked to the medicine.

We shared all his records with them in hopes that it helps save other animals.

They also HAVE to report this to the FDA as a death linked to the med.

Hug your fur babies extra tight— and do something cool for animals to carry on Blayz


Blayz (and Banner) have taken nexguard and heartguard for years. Never having any issue. Yesterday our vet told me they had a new medicine that had all the same things combined. (Same class of drugs different actual drugs)
Blayz had his 1 tablet - and 5 hours later was puking and had his first seizure.
After being extremely lethargic and stumbling around - he laid on the couch (with people trading out to snuggle him of course) for several hours
People came over to our house- Blayz didn’t even get up when they came in (if you know Blayz you know he’s our “guard dog” you can’t even pull in the driveway without him sounding the alarm!). He did eventually get off the couch and stumbled around a bit before laying on the floor again.
At bedtime he walked out in the front yard to take care of business
and then walked up to bed and went to sleep.
At 430 this morning I was woken up- Blayz was having another seizure!
We got him through it- comforted him and monitored very closely until we could reach our vet.

After a day of IV fluids - we is back to himself. Seizure free for the day
and balance appears to be back on track. I went to pick him up- and found ANOTHER lady was in there with her golden retriever - who had just had the same exact thing happen!
It’s also out there that apparently it’s not so “uncommon”, these dogs have never had seizures or neurological issues before, and Nexguard which has similar components never caused a seizure for our boys.

Do your own research-
Trust your gut instinct-
And speak up when something isn’t right.

The company immediately told the vet they would be paying for all of our bills and reimbursing us for our purchase of the drug.

But people need to know this is happening.

Also adding— that in my research I have also found that it has been causing seizures and neurological issues a few months into use too rather than first dose. Needless to say we will NOT be supporting this company any further.