Blisters on my turtles foot and tail I think I burned my turtles feet , i was cleaning the tank and put my turtle in the sink, the water was way to ho


Crazy fish lady
Dec 7, 2019
Hot water could definitely cause blisters. Might I ask why you put him in the sink in the first place? Regular maintenance should just be a 50% waterchange which shouldn’t require you to remove the turtle.


Pack Leader and Lover
Mar 28, 2012
Standing the turtle in cool water immediately after it happened would have helped. I don't have experience with turtles, but hot water burns in humans can be eased greatly by submersing the area in cool water. Since the blisters are already there, it's likely too late and it must be painful for the turtle at this point. I'd give it a try anyway. Don't apply any salves or petroleum jelly type products on it, it will make it worse. Good luck.

Maybe you can call a shelter for small animals or vet and ask over the phone if anything can be done for the turtle.