Bun Bun and Abby


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Jun 20, 2012
Maybe it would be better to give them their own threads, but Bun Bun and Abby were companions for most of Bun Bun's life and they were both part of the same family.

Abby was a rescue cat, we adopted her from a woman who had gotten her from a local vet. She had simply been abandoned at the office.
Here is Abby when we were moving from one apartment to the other - she's found a shoebox to stuff herself into, which she enjoyed doing even though she was a really big girl:

Her head nearly came up to my knee. She was very intimidating, which is why I think it was so difficult to adopt her out. She was very sweet and gentle, though, so her size was never an issue. I think she also understood on some level that we had rescued her. We were never able to calculate her real age but the vet estimated she was about 14 years old when she passed away due to heart failure. Apparently weak hearts are an issue with larger cats, which we didn't know at the time :(

Abby loved crumpled paper balls and pencils. She would have entire conversations with you, and would lecture my little brother. I used to have to put a plate over my coffee cup because for some reason she had developed a taste for coffee (even black!), and caffeine is horrible for cats. She liked having her belly vacuumed. We had to put away all of our vanilla scented candles because she kept trying to eat them.

Taking care of a cat with long, thick, wooly fur is kind of difficult but Bun Bun pitched in by grooming Abby regularly. Here is Bun Bun out on our lanai:


I bought Bun Bun as a baby from a pet store. I know you shouldn't buy from stores but they had her in the same enclosure as the guinea pigs, who were harassing her. They wouldn't leave her poor ears alone. :( Anyway, Abby didn't really know what to make of Bun at first when I brought her over to my mother's house. Bun followed Abby around like a baby duckling. When I moved in with a roommate, though, her cat Zirc did not command nearly the same respect from Bun Bun that Abby did. Bun Bun really had a sense of humor, which usually manifested itself as pranks she played on Zirc.

Bun Bun passed away in her sleep at approximately 10 years old. She had suffered from allergies and arthritus for a while, and her vision was going. She rolled over on her side one day for a nap and never woke up. Probably one of the best ways to go.

I miss both of them dearly and have not gotten another pet since. I enjoy their companionship, but their lives are short and it's too hard on me when they pass away.


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Mar 28, 2012
My deepest sympathy for your loss of two such sweet creatures, thank you for sharing their stories. Abby sounds like she was quite the character, lol. I'm so happy to hear that you rescued her, and took her into your home and heart. :rose:

BunBun was a beautiful lop-eared rabbit, you're very kind for saving those beautiful ears from the guinea pig abuse. So cute to hear how she followed Abby around and bonded with her. It's comforting to know that you gave both of them such love and care, you made their lives very special and you should feel so good about that. :sentimental:


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May 2, 2012
warrington uk
i am exteremley sorry to hear about this
maybe you should try having a puppy and rear them from the start
it will be hard when they are asleep but so many are in rescur centers looking for someone like you ! they have all suffered from cruelty or abbandoning mybe its time to look at that point of view

i completley understand if its to early or hard
since it maybe to early to fall in love with another animal
but its part of life and theres nothing we can do to stop it
as much i wish we could
i am very sorry to hear again


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Jun 20, 2012
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Unfortunately, right now I'm not in a position where my life is stable enough to give an animal a proper home. I will definitely adopt more pets in the future, and they will almost certainly be strays or rescue animals. A puppy takes a ton of time and energy that I don't have right now, as well as a yard (which I also don't have). I may also adopt a rescue rabbit or cat when my life has settled down. I'd have a dog longer if I adopted it as a little puppy, but as much as loss stings, I might try to give an elderly or disabled animal a good home.