Can I pet any other weasels besides ferrets?

Beautiful Beasties

New member
Aug 13, 2022
If you haven't owned ferrets before, I would NOT be looking to get another mustelid. For an actual pet, ferrets are your best bet. Still a mustelid, but domesticated for a long time. So they're way more handleable and tame. As well easier to feed and find a vet for. They don't mind living in a cage (a big one) most of the time, and are very fun. Just keep an eye on them because they can get into incredibly small places, and get hurt. Always supervise.

If you aren't new to ferrets, some options are Stoats, Ferrets, Mink, Polecats, Martens and Weasels. Check the laws on these pets in your area. Some species and countries/states require license. Good luck. If you jump the gun and don't do all possible research you may be getting a new pet you cannot handle. There's a reason more types of mustelid aren't as common as ferrets