Can someone tell me his breed in English?


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Mar 26, 2019
Hi! I am adopting a dog which is coming all the way from China (he was saved from a meat selling store). His breed name in chines is 狼青犬 which translates to either green wolf dog or something like that. Based on my research his breed is originally from japan. He is from the spitz family but honestly he looks like a Great Dane mix with a German Shepard in grey (I can see why they would call it green). Anyways, if someone knows. The breed in English I would be super thankful and happy :) chines call it Láng Qīng mao. Thank you


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Dec 13, 2017

I searched it, this is the dog this fellow is talking abt.
This dog is smart, fast, well-adapted and faithful.
But it's true, it's a hybrid from wolf.
Its name in Chinese is called Lang Qing Quan.