Cat adoption dilemma


Jul 23, 2017
Good news! I found a very adorable cat at Petsmart who could be "the one" for me.

Simone is sweet and eager to please. She loves people and purrs like crazy for pets and love. She would love someone who will let her cuddle, give her treats, and play with toys on a string with her. She absolutely loves her scratch board especially with a bit of catnip!
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There is only one problem: Mom bought tickets for us to fly to Jackson, Mississippi, where my sister and BIL would pick us up for a visit to their house next week. The adoption must happen after that visit if we go there, but asking them to come here in October would allow us to adopt Simone ASAP and avoid missing out on her. So after two failed attempts to adopt a friendly cat last year, I don't want to be out of state when the purrfect kitty is available. Faithful Friends Pet Rescue and Rehoming, a foster-based organization, has adoption events every Saturday from 11:00 to 4:00. So I have to be in Gainesville, Florida all day on September 24 to make sure I can adopt Simone if she is "the one" for me.

Based on her description, I would be extremely disappointed if we go to my sister's house that day and discover the next weekend Simone is already gone. But as we expected, Mom has no way to get most of the money back. Also, the reason I like going to my sister's house is her pets. She currently has five cats, a maltipoo, and a Labrador retriever/Chow Chow mix. Since I obviously can't be in five places at the same time, Mom is telling me to be cautious about how friendly Simone might be in her new home. I refuse to believe that. What should my family do?