Cat Food (wet) for Cystitis prone cat


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Has anybody got any recommendations for a wet cat food, for an 11.5 year old cat who is prone to cystitis?

She's been on Royal Canin Urinary for a couple of years now, she has both wet and dry, and that's really helped the problem.. Dry food we're totally fine with, and she has a water fountain and drinks plenty.. but she's totally gone off the wet food (there is only two flavours, chicken and beef, so she's probably bored!), and given the situation I don't really want her to only ever have dry food. So I'd like to replace the wet food, but obviously with something that won't aggrevate whatever it is that causes the problem!

The vets have never actually given a cause, they've said it's most likely a combination of stress, and scarring from previous bouts.. every time she gets it it's a bit worse than the time before, but keeping her on the food really does seem to make the problem less frequent which is good.

What do I need to be looking for? just the most natural/grain free products? Or is there an additive they use in the urinary products?



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Jul 23, 2017
Welcome to the forum. Thank you for posting. What is your cat's name?

What pet food companies do is adjust the amount of certain nutrients which are known to increase the risk of or worsen urinary problems. It is not as simple as adding a dietary supplement to the food.

Not everyone agrees with this but I am a huge believer in never feeding dry food to any cat with a urinary disorder unless it rejects everything else. Unfortunately it is not always possible and I have to feed dry food to my cat too (because she does not always finish the wet version). Luckily, one poster on this forum has no problem feeding her cats and dog a raw diet and can give you some more specific ideas.