cat keeps scratching the walls at 5am


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Aug 11, 2022
hello everyone!

my 11 month old cat (luna) has been scratching the wall outside my mothers bedroom every morning at 5am (like clockwork) for about 2 months now. she has her last meal every night at 11pm and I leave out kibble for her overnight in case she gets hungry. I also make it a priority to play with her before bed until all her energy is drained. she sleeps with me in my bed until 5am and then its become her routine to go scratch the walls outside my mothers bedroom door to wake her up. whats odd is that its not because she is hungry as she almost always has leftover kibble & whenever I have tried to feed her breakfast that early she only takes 1-2 bites and then goes back to my mothers door. she has a weird relationship with my mom since its her grandma she acts differently than she does with me, she knows my mom gives in to her misbehaviors whereas i am not afraid to discipline her (in healthy ways of course) for example my mom goes away to the cottage some weekends and i notice luna does not even attempt to wake me up in the mornings she just waits until im awake. the only time the scratching at her bedroom door stops is when my mom gets up and comes to sit in the living room with her, even if I sit in there she will still want my mom and continue to scratch.

hoping to finally find some answers on how to fix this. I feel bad for my mom as she works 10-12 hour shifts everyday and I want her to be getting a good nights rest uninterrupted. she has a very very very soft heart when it comes to animals (wont even kill a fly) but i think that she will listen to advice on how to properly discipline luna with this behavior if it comes from other experienced cat moms/dads. thank you all so much in advance :)

Beautiful Beasties

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Aug 13, 2022
Sounds like kitty really likes your mom and has learned that she can wake her up when she's ready and get her company. So far, it seems you're already doing what I'd advise. Like playing with her and making her tired. Though cats are crepuscular, meaning they are most active and/or waking up at dawn and dusk. So this behavior isn't out of place for a cat.

A few other options: Maybe close your bedroom door so she can't go scratch the wall, leave your mom's door open so she can go sleep with her when she's ready (if she doesn't just wake her up), place something in the place she likes to scratch to block it (or screw in a cat scratch pad there with the replaceable cardboard things, to quiet it down?). Last option, maybe she needs a kitty friend?