Cat need home fast


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Feb 4, 2018
Hello nihao - Friend and coworker have cat he love but he have move in eight day, but landlord of new place not allow cat, cat of him not nice when meet new people. I not know why, cat mean and bite even when I visit in beginning but cat of him nicer over time when cat learn trust me. If he not able find person take cat before he move, he have no choice take cat to kill shelter who I talk already to and they say cat who not friendly way cat of him is they have high chance of put down.

Now that cat trust me, Cat super friendly\cuddly. But not at beginning. I afraid cat get put down because she bite person she not know until she learn trust. Anyone in Denham Spring, LA Area want cat, she big, fat and after she learn trust person she become sweetest cat. She smart too, she open cabinet with paw say please/ thank you and super loving after she learn trust.

He have 8 day find new home, but no co worker want cat or even offer ride cat in car, not even if cat in cage, and I not have room because car very small and i not allow food or drink much less cat in car. Please help so cat not drop off just so it die. I ask because I love cat race.

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Dec 8, 2015
Hi Xue-

This is a no-kill shelter in Denham Springs:

This no-kill shelter is in Baton Rouge:

Without further information on these two shelters, my guess is that it is still better to look for someone you know who can adopt the cat. These shelters may or may not accept the cat, and even if they can accept it, in the case of that second shelter there is an application process. Friends and family are still probably your best chance.